Church Library

I added a link to the church's online library catalog. It is down on the right side-bar.

Too Many Design Templates

I was experimenting with different designs and colors. Obviously this one is quite simple and meant to appear very clean. What do you think?

Take Note

Linda has been experimenting with the google calendar and has added several items. For those looking for another way to keep track of your life, you could make your own google calendar and from the church calendar, select 'copy to my calendar' from any event's pop-up window.

Added a Link Today

It is amazing how easy it is to add these elements. Over on the side bar I added a link to D.A. Carson's blog - which is a daily post from his two-volume devotional series entitled, For the Love of God. I have found these devotionals very rich and insightful.

Ideas / Suggestions

Please add comments here to make any suggestions for improvements to this site.
Thanks for your help!

Check Out the Calendar Page!

Be impressed now, I actually cut and pasted "html code" to make this work. I think I'll need a pocket-protector soon.
On that page is a google calendar, which Linda will keep updated. It is very nice for her because she will not have to update the blog with every new event. When she makes a change to her calendar, it will automatically show up here.
Notice the buttons/tabs at the top of the calendar which advance to future months as well as change the view to daily, monthly, or agenda.
Click on an event and a pop-up will show details for that event.

Revelation 20

Here are several cross-references related the patience of God in judgment:
Exodus 34:6,
Psalm 86:15,
Psalm 103:8,
Romans 2:4,
Romans 9:22,
2 Peter 3:9, 15

Miller Update

Miller's have sold their house and have all the funds needed to cover the short-sale!

Welcome Praise Team Members

Glad you found us!
We're looking for an effective communication tool and so we're giving this blog a try. At this point, the blog is private - only invited members can read the posts and comments. Wow, don't you feel privileged. We'll keep it private until we get some of the kinks worked out and are ready to go public.
Currently, the team-leaders are listed as contributors, so they can add new posts. Everybody else is able to add comments to any post.
This is like a preliminary trial before going to a full-blown web page. The down side with the blog is its limitations with additional pages and that the 'blog conversation' itself is the 'home page.' The upside is it's free. Maybe we'll find this works so well, we will not need to go to a fee-based web-page.